Frequently Asked Questions

What is Modaptix?

Modaptix is the future of modular maker technology!

All of the interactive functions and features you could possibly need fully embedded within attractive coloured modules so that you can make amazing electronic projects. Lots of free supportive software resources and a fun, vibrant and welcoming community.

What makes Modaptix awesome?

Well, our hardware is modular so you get to pick exactly which components you want to use, our product range offers integrated interactive features so you can construct a fully enclosed system and we support many of the most popular single-board computers and microcontrollers in use.

We embrace free open source software and will be providing lots of resources through our supportive site and we encourage learning through shared knowledge and community support.

As if that isn't enough our unique design means that projects using Modaptix modules can be easily changed, so it's also better for the environment. We think that's pretty awesome!

What skills do I need to use Modaptix?

We will be providing detailed instructions and software resources to help you on your maker journey but, to get the most from Modaptix, you will require some previous maker and programming experience.

What can I make?

What can't you make?

A media centre or set top box for your living room, a social notification station to keep you updated or perhaps a home hub for your connected devices. Such versatile hardware coupled with the abundance of free open source software means that anything is possible, so we can't wait to see your creations!

How assembled will the modules be?

All interactive modules will be provided with components in place and a circuit board attached, but don't worry there's still more than enough assembly to provide that maker buzz!

How do the interactive modules communicate?

All interactive Modaptix modules have been designed to use industry standard communications protocols (such as I2C and SPI) whenever possible and are suitable for use with both 5V and 3.3V systems.

To function each one will need to be wired to your single-board computer or microcontroller, but don't worry you won't be alone! We'll be providing detailed instructions to help you get properly set up along with plenty of free software resources and project ideas on our supportive site.

What if I want to change my project?

You can!

Insert the dismantle tools in to the corners, remove the top or bottom of your project, disconnect interactive modules and slide complete modular panels from the frame — which can then be dismantled using the same tools.

Once you have taken your project apart you can add new modules, design a new configuration and re-build your project to incorporate your changes.

Which SBCs and MCUs does it support?

The first Modaptix set will support the Raspberry Pi and many of the other most popular single-board computers and microcontrollers in use. We are currently in the process of gathering and collating user data and further compatibility information will be released shortly.

What colours will the Modaptix modules come in?

We intend to release the Modaptix modules in black, transparent and a range of other colours suitable for all kinds of interesting and fun electronic maker projects.

Will you be releasing Modaptix sets?

Yes but you'll need a baseboard, some framework and corners to get started so initially we will be releasing one set including all of the structure, an exciting range of interactive components and enough blanks for you to start making some brilliant projects.

Is the software open source?

Yes all of the software provided through our supportive site will be open source and released under an appropriate Free Software Foundation approved licence.

When / where can I buy it?

Presently we are pre-launch but we are working as hard as we can to bring Modaptix to market as quickly as possible. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook and register below to receive updates.